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Hermes Novak

Wolfgang Novak

and his team ensure a perfect interplay of experience, state-of-the-art technology and personal customer service.

Company philosophy


Managing Director Mr. Wolfgang Novak

A steel-hard material ...


..and a noble material: stainless steel. Even in the fourth generation of our family business, the shaping of stainless steel has remained our passion. We combine proven locksmithing tradition with the latest technology so that we can always face new challenges.
There have always been limits to the malleability of metals. But many things that once seemed impossible are now standard. Boundaries are being redrawn - our ambition is to pave a path where others have long since given up.

Anyone who wants to create something new needs creativity and the determination to overcome established patterns. He needs a team that knows how to contribute its technical competence and its own ideas out of real enthusiasm. Hermes-Novak employees meet these requirements. Job satisfaction is not just an empty buzzword for us: We are convinced that the best results come when the work is fun. Better twice as good than twice as much.

As a family business since 1888, it has long been clear to us that solidarity is the most important basis for a company to thrive. Long before “teamwork” and “ability to work in a team”, all of this had long been our practice.

The right size is also very important for the proper functioning of a company: structures that are too large tend to go beyond human dimensions; too small cannot hold their own economically. We think: The level of Hermes-Novak is just right. See for yourself.

Your Wolfgang Novak

Schlosserei Hermes Novak

Unsere Geschichte

Als Familienbetrieb seit 1888 ist uns seit langem klar geworden, dass Zusammenhalt die wichtigste Basis für das Gedeihen eines Unternehmens ist. Lange vor Teamwork und Teamfähigkeit war all dies bei uns längst gelebte Praxis.

Unser  Team
Anker 1

Wolfgang Novak

Gesellschafter | Geschäftsführer

Tel.: +43 1 982 37 45 0



Ing. Thomas Freilinger


Tel.: +43 1 982 37 45 11



Maximilian Novak

Technik | Arbeitsvorbereitung

Tel.: +43 1 982 37 45 16



Ing. Michael Langeder


Tel.: +43 1 982 37 45 12



Ing. Alois Kager

Technik | Produktionsleitung

Tel.: +43 1 982 37 45 10



Oguz Karali

Schweißaufsichtsperson (SAP)

Tel.: +43 1 982 37 45 13



Claudia Bensch

Einkauf | Kundenservice

Tel.: +43 1 982 37 45



Astrid Fröhlich

Buchhaltung | Finanzen

Tel.: +43 1 982 37 45 33



Nobilegasse 22    

A-1150 Wien

our service
Aluminium Lieferant

The Hermes-Novak full service


Together with the customer, we work out the best technical and economic solution. Plan with us, it will save time and money.

care, support

Wolfgang Novak, master locksmith of the 4th generation, and his team - ensure a perfect interplay of experience, state-of-the-art technology and personal customer service.


Hi-tech with a sense of proportion. Our young, motivated team operates an extensive, modern machine park. The cooperation with test centers and specialist companies guarantees diversity in production and proven, consistent quality.


We work quickly, flexibly and on schedule. That is why we are the reliable partner for long-term cooperation

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